Frequently Asked Questions

"Are there vehicles that Green Lantern cannot wash?"
In order to ensure the safety of our customers' vehicles, and to deliver the level of quality we promise, we do place some specific restrictions on the vehicles we wash.

We Cannot Wash:

  • Vehicles with excessive mud and mud clumps, or heavy ice buildup
  • Extended, non-standard, or multi-ball hitches that cannot be removed prior to the wash
  • Open bed pickup trucks with fuel tanks, loose items, or debris
  • Vehicles with permanently fixed tripod-style mirrors
  • Pickups with greasy 5th wheel hitch receivers (if it's not greasy, we can wash it)
  • Poor conditions, such as rusted out holes, loose trim, loose metal, etc.
  • Vehicles that are less than 3" or 4" off the ground (this varies by location. If you know which wash you are planning to visit, the best thing to do is call and ask what clearance that location requires)
  • Vehicles taller than 80"
  • Oversized tires and rims, and/or under-inflated tires (maximum width is 12")
  • Some full-sized vans and other oversized vehicles such as Hummers and Hummer H2s
  • Trucks with dual rear tires
  • Trucks or vans with ladders, ladder racks, oversized antenna, square bumper guards, and winches

We will wash, but cannot guarantee the safety of:

  • Paint that comes off during our normal wash process
  • Vehicles with worn paint or attachments
  • Any previous damage
  • Electrically extended running boards, mirrors or antennas
  • Non-factory or modified parts
  • When a customer has been informed of a risk of damage

"I was told by the Service Advisor that my car was too muddy to go through your car wash. Why can't I wash my muddy vehicle here?"
It is true that we do not send vehicles with "caked-on" or "clumps" of mud on them through our tunnel car wash. You would not be satisfied with either our quality or our speed if we accept vehicles with excess mud. We do not promise more than we can deliver in quality and speed of service.  In addition, washing a vehicle with excess mud can lead to mud/debris getting stuck on the cloth in our tunnel which can then potentially damage your vehicle and other customers' vehicles.

"Why do I have to completely clean out the bed of my pick-up before I go through your car wash?"
Any loose debris in an open-bed pick-up truck can be thrown from the bed and become a hazard to your truck as well as other vehicles in the wash, especially in the drying chamber.

"I'm a frequent user of your car wash, how can I get a discount?"
There are several ways that you can receive a discount if you are a regular Green Lantern customer.  We offer the following special pricing programs:

  • Wash Books - Our wash books provide 5 washes for the price of 4. That’s a 20% discount.  You can buy a wash book for any of the following washes:  Basic Wash, Super Wash, Super/Super (super wash, super inside), Ultimate Wash, The Works (ultimate wash, super inside, tire shine).  
  • Pre-Paid Card – Our Pre-Paid Card can be used for any product or service and provides a 10% discount when loaded.  The Pre-Paid card can only be loaded in $50 increments (note that with the 10% discount, the $50 value only costs you $45). 
  • Unlimited Membership – The Unlimited Monthly Washing program uses our QwikPass lane and allows you to wash an unlimited number of times for one flat monthly fee. 

You can purchase Wash Books or Pre-Paid Cards at any Green Lantern location or Here. You can signup for our Unlimited Monthly Washing program by clicking Here.

 “Are there any additional discounts for bulk/commercial purchases?”

If you would like to inquire about a bulk purchase discount, please send us a message through our contact us form:  Contact Us.

When you send us your message, please include the approximate number of washes you'll need, the wash(es) that you're interested in purchasing, and your contact information. 

“Why won’t you wash my floor mats?"
Unfortunately, we have not yet found a floor mat cleaning machine that meets our high standards of quality and efficiency. For this reason, vacuuming the floor mats is the extent of what we're capable of offering at this point in time. We are working on a solution to this problem, and hope to be able to accomodate this request soon.

“What are the differences between the lanes when I pull in?”
Depending on the location, we have anywhere from 1 to 3 lanes at the entrance to our car wash.  Below you can read about each of the 3 lane options:

1)     The Attended Lane is where our Service Advisor is located to help you select which wash best suits your needs.  Our attended lanes are the only lanes that accept coupons. All forms of payment may be used in the attended lane.

2)     The Automated Lane is where you can utilize our automated XPT terminal to select your wash.  The XPT terminal utilizes a state-of-the-art touchscreen so you can simply push to select which exterior wash, inside cleaning, and premium services you’d like.  Our automated lane only accepts Credit/Debit cards.  If you have cash or coupons, please use our Attended Lane.

3)     The QwikPass Lane is a members-only lane for those who have joined our QwikPass program.  Our QwikPass lane utilizes a small radio frequency tag (RFID), which is installed on the lower driver's side of your windshield to identify you each time you arrive for a wash.  In this lane, you will have a brief interaction with a touchscreen terminal which allows you to change or add additional services as needed. Using Our QwikPass program has two options, Unlimited Monthly Washing or Auto-Pay. 

For more information about these two available options, click here:  QwikPass Info.

“What is the difference between Unlimited, and Auto-Pay?”

Our Unlimited Monthly Washing program utilizes our QwikPass Lane which allows for our fastest possible service. Enrolling in Unlimited Monthly Washing allows you to pay one flat monthly fee and wash as many times as you want! Plans start as low as $24.

Our Auto-Pay program also utilizes our QwikPass lane, allowing participating customers to receive our fastest possible service. Auto-Pay allows you to load your payment info into your account so that you never have to fumble for payment at the wash. When you sign-up for Auto-Pay, we'll automatically bill your credit card anytime you come through the wash.

To learn more or sign-up, click here:  QwikPass Info.

“Can I access my Unlimited or Auto-Pay account online?”
Yes!  When you sign-up, you will have complete access to your account online. You can access your account to check your wash history, make changes to your membership plan, or update your billing information. If you are an existing member, you can sign into your account through this link: Member Login.

“What are your hours of service?”
All Green Lantern locations are open from 7am-8pm, Monday-Saturday. On Sundays we are open from Noon-7pm.  

“What holidays are you closed for?”
We are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

“Why won't your employees accept tips?"
We accept your thanks, but no tips please.  Our price is our price, no matter what services you purchase or the make/model that you drive. We feel that we pay our team players a competitive wage with competitive benefits including free car washes. The best thanks you can give is by allowing us to continue to serve your car care needs.

“Do you stay open when the temperature drops below freezing?”
Yes. The only days that we close are Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day unless government officials communicate that motorists should stay off of roads due to severe weather or mother-nature related events.